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NewsPaper Clippings

News about the bombing and hijacking appeared in papers all over the United States.  Readers in Creston, Iowa and Blythesville, Arkansas and Gallup, New Mexico followed the story in their local papers and on the evening news.  Below are a few of the clippings from 1976. Scroll over the text to read excerpts from Life Detonated.

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Keith and Chris 1977

"Upstairs the boys’ room was still dark. The weight of Chris’s sleeping body was almost too heavy to lift, and I sank to the floor with him in my lap. He smelled of baby shampoo and boy sweat. He slept, completely unaware his tiny world would never be the same. Across the room the nightlight illuminated Keith’s deep red hair. I watched his face until he woke up. Sliding off his bed, he sat on the floor beside us. With my free arm I pulled him to my side."