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Do you have a book in your future?

Let me help you find your genius. If that book keeps pulling on your writing strings, take the next step and together we can build your dream. Working with a first draft? Even better, as I can guide you toward the path of publication. Does a proposal sound daunting? Don’t let it overshadow your creativity.

During my years of teaching college writing I discovered my ability to edit, a skill that seemed to come naturally. I could glean the best bits of a piece, suss out what the writer wanted to say amid a flurry of words, and encourage the author to go further, dig deeper, envision what the piece should look like. I look for the positive, having long ago thrown out the red pen, and find no greater satisfaction than to encourage the creative process, and gently push writers to strut to their true genius.


In addition to my advanced degrees at university level, I am certified in the Gateless Writing process, which is based on a model of neuro-theology discovered at Penn and Harvard which teaches writers to cease negative activity in the brain, so the intuit and imaginative thought can take over. 


Kathleen Murray Moran, memoirist and long-time writing professor, is the wise woman we look for all our lives. A truthteller; a seer of light; committed and loyal, Kathleen will challenge you to skip the living room and go right to the closet in your memoir, and she will be holding your hand the whole way so you never have to feel alone as you explore new territory.   Able to see the big picture and also hone the work on a sentence-level, Kathleen is in love with words and knows that telling those powerful stories we’ve been keeping inside can lead to not only book deals but also a legacy of healing on a cellular level. If you have happened upon Kathleen, look no further, you have found a true gem. – Suzanne Kingsbury

Kathleen is the perfect blend of longtime writing professor knowledge and growing up street smart skills. Kathleen isn’t afraid to hold the space for even the most difficult of stories to be told. A gifted and steadfast memoirist with a sharp eye and ear for editorial detail, she can help you mine to the heart and truth of your own story and then line by line, polish each nugget, each gem until it shines. – Karen Kenney ~ Writer, Workshop Leader, Gateless Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Potty Mouth, Yoga Teacher & Host of the “The Yoga Show with Karen” – Concord, NH 


Kathleen Murray Moran’s hard won confidence and skillful storytelling  are just what I needed to push into my own uncharted waters.  Her ear is tuned to something deep inside the action that coaxes true north into its rightful place. – Minton Sparks, Award winning Performance artist. 

Kathleen was an integral part in initiating a gigantic breakthrough in my writing. She is unafraid to talk about her own process in order to help guide yours. Her gentle encouragement made me get honest with myself about how I could go deeper, and as a result, I grew further into myself as a writer. – Regina Lee Tingle: blog


Kathleen has spent a lifetime reading and teaching the masters which has given her the eye and ear for astute editing. She sees what’s on the page and what’s not on the page and is determined that your stories shine. – Jodi Paloni  – 2013 recipient of the Short Story America Prize for Short Fiction

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