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Interview with the psychic John Edward

His face filled the TV screen in the Green Room, hazel eyes concentrating on my book. He sat comfortably, turning pages, then turning back, squinting when the makeup artist dabbed foundation on his cheeks. When I walked into the room he stood and shook my hand and smiled. Life Detonated is the perfect title for this book, he told me right away. I could see the consideration in his eyes. Your stories show how you grew and then were hijacked again and again. It is the pattern of your life and the pattern of many, many lives, and the way you tell your story shows how we can all grow away from anger and grief and create different rhythms and patterns to help us heal.

It took only a minute for me to know this man was intuitive, and I could see why he draws in big crowds. I was excited at thought of a reading by the psychic known for his ability to predict the future and communicate with those who have crossed over. But the interview, the producer told me, would be an informal conversation. At first I was disappointed, but I soon I realized that he was no ordinary interview. This man saw me. He knew my story. Life Detonated isn’t a telling book, he said, but a book about everyday moments that add up to teaching moments.

It isn’t a book to be flipped through. There are many lessons here. It needs to be savored. Slowly. It should be appreciated and read with patience, leaving time to reflect, for it all to sink in.

We talked for half an hour, his questions opening doors to insights about my life that I hadn’t realized. There were little incidents, he pointed out, that released that binding knot and allowed for an ebbing away of those low moments that kept me in a dark place. You have a calmness about you, he added. You are at peace.

I felt enlightened and enormously grateful for a look into the recess of who I am by a man who did not need to offer a reading. It happened anyway.

I can’t wait to share the interview with you, which should air in February on Evolve Interactive. Stay tuned…

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