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We crawled toward Yankee Stadium, traffic a nightmare, my kids in the car, everyone hungry and restless. I was sitting in the back where I didn’t have to watch my husband drive, when I felt my pocket vibrate. Huffington Post AARP Contest, the heading said. I had entered almost a year ago, then dismissed it as a lost cause, until I read their words: “I’m pleased to let you know that our judges have chosen your submission as one of the finalists for the HuffPost 50/AARP memoir contest. Ten finalists were chosen from a pool of more than 2,400 contestants. Congratulations on sending one of the very best pieces our judges encountered.” Holy Shit! I screamed out as I clicked on the HuffPost page, and there was Rita Wilson, one of the judges, smiling her beautiful smile, with my name, Kathleen Murray, underneath her photo. A truly beautiful moment.

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