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News about the bombing and hijacking appeared in papers all over the United States.  Readers in Creston, Iowa and Blythesville, Arkansas and Gallup, New Mexico followed the story in their local papers and on the evening news.  Below are a few of the clippings from 1976. Scroll over the text to read excerpts from Life Detonated.

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Brian and Kathleen 1970

"I’d been the one who kept telling him to stay in the squad, wait it out, that they couldn’t withhold promotions forever. But the reason I really wanted him to stay was that statistics showed he had a better chance of being gunned down walking the streets of New York City in a blue uniform than being blown up by a bomb. The bomb squad had a stellar reputation for safety, with a single fatal explosion almost forty years ago. The name of street cops filled the walls of One Police Plaza."